Hands-On Robotics

Robots are real, physical devices. The theory is there because generations of engineers have discovered that the quantitative modeling and control of robots requires this theory. Of course they may have been wrong; there may be a better way; a more innovative way. When building physical devices, the final arbiter of correctness is success at performing the desired task, together with the accumulation of knowledge that allows us to do even better next time.
This philosophy is the core of Hands-On Robotics.

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Nonlinear Systems and Control

  • Introduction to the analysis and design of nonlinear systems and nonlinear control systems. Stability analysis using Liapunov, input-output and asymptotic methods. Design of stabilizing controllers using a variety of methods: linearization, absolute stability theory, vibrational control, sliding modes and feedback linearization.

ME 450

  • Capstone Design and Manufacturing
  • The educational goal of this capstone design and manufacturing experience is to give each student a deep understanding of how to approach open ended challenges by process, and to learn how to creatively catalyze, synthesize, and apply the seemingly fragmented engineering knowledge he/she has acquired at UM to the design & manufacturing of real mechanical systems.
  • Extending SCM to the Human Scale
  • Mechapod