Josh Trate

Undergraduate Student
Physics and Computer Science


Graduating high school in June 2014, I started as an undergrad in the fall of 2014 at the University of Michigan. I'm currently pursuing a double major in Engineering Physics and Computer Science. I had an amazing first semester of college, splitting my free time between Michigan Tae Kwon DO MAAV. In addition to those clubs I had the chance to do some really cool side projects, If you wanna check them out, visit my website, You can see all my latest works as well as well, including source code. Second semester is when I started working in BIRDS lab, where I've been researching and testing embedded systems that run full OS's. The focus of my work has been on comparing commercially available platforms to test their PWM signals and potential as real time devices. I'm testing PWM output to see if they produce clean outputs at high frequency. Additionally I'm testing the platforms that support a realtime cokernel's to see how fast they are. The focus of this research is to pick a platform suited to the real time demands of robotics while still supporting a full linux operating system.