Marion Anderson

Ph.D Candidate
Electrical & Computer Engineering


B.S. Electrical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2019

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Inspired by years of rock climbing, Marion Anderson is pursuing research that involves the dynamics of balance. His interests include understanding why walking is a reasonable means of locomotion and ground contact models. As the resident hardware engineer, his primary responsibility is ensuring the lab's robots turn on, preferably without spontaneously combusting.

Current Projects

Three-Legged Hopping Robot

Literature on robotic hoppers centers around one-legged designs with minimal attention paid to elastic energy restitution. Developing a multi-legged hopper designed around elastic energy restitution shows promise towards making hopping locomotion feasible in the field. The current design averages 49% restitution.

High Torque-to-Weight RHex

A high torque-to-weight ratio RHex robot should allow testing of a wider variety of gaits than lower-powered variants. With the chassis and motors in place, current work focuses on power distribution and custom motor control.