Marion Anderson

Ph.D Candidate
Electrical & Computer Engineering


B.S. Electrical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2019

Inspired by years of rock climbing, Marion Anderson is pursuing research that involves the dynamics of balance. His interests include understanding why walking is a reasonable means of locomotion and ground contact models. As the resident hardware engineer, his primary responsibility is ensuring the lab's robots turn on, preferably without spontaneously combusting.

Current Projects

Three-Legged Hopping Robot

Literature on robotic hoppers centers around one-legged designs with minimal attention paid to elastic energy restitution. Developing a multi-legged hopper designed around elastic energy restitution shows promise towards making hopping locomotion feasible in the field. The current design averages 49% restitution.

High Torque-to-Weight RHex

A high torque-to-weight ratio RHex robot should allow testing of a wider variety of gaits than lower-powered variants. With the chassis and motors in place, current work focuses on power distribution and custom motor control.