Chun Lin Liu

Undergraduate student
Computer Science


Working on B.S.E Computer Science

I am an undergraduate student studying computer science (and aerospace engineering). I enjoy slowly retracing the history and development of what is now modern computer science. Abstractions are best stripped down to their cores which many now take for granted. The ideas of turing machines, decidable and undecidable languages, efficiency, computer architecture, compilers, OS, and network protocols all contribute to a great deal of suffering every semester but the understanding that there is always more to learn helps me to endure...

My research interest is in the “What next?”. Theory is great but there needs to be something more, right? (I haven’t quite decided the answer to this, yet). Robotics seems to be the best in-between where theory from many classes will be applicable and so my goal is to gain exposure to robotics and adopt and learn better practices for maintaining larger-scale projects… and hopefully contribute meaningful work.