February 05, 2015 / by George Council / In news

Comparative whole-body kinematics of closely related insect species with different body morphology

A compartive study between morphology of insects and the influence on gait. The results could be interesting - from a template/anchor perspective, it would be seeing if a similiar 'motion primitive' is being employed despite variation in exact morphology. If so, it might provide insight - if not, it might be suggestive that the template/anchor model is wrong.

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February 04, 2015 / by George Council / In news

From Data to Dynamical Systems

This article is part of a series commemorating the 50th anniversary of Ed Lorenz's seminal paper 'Deterministic nonperiodic flow'. The system he studied has become the object of extensive mathematical investigations and serves as a paradigm of a low-dimensional chaotic dynamical system.

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January 12, 2015 / by Shai Revzen / In news


The SEAL Pack is versatile, portable, and quickly deployable, similar to the Navy SEALs. SEAL stands for SEa, Air, and Land and the SEAL Pack is versatile enough to traverse all three. The SEAL Pack is transported in a compact way, and can be unpacked into either a car, boat, or quadrotor in a matter of minutes thanks to its modular design.

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