February 05, 2015 / by George Council / In news

Comparative whole-body kinematics of closely related insect species with different body morphology

A compartive study between morphology of insects and the influence on gait. The results could be interesting - from a template/anchor perspective, it would be seeing if a similiar 'motion primitive' is being employed despite variation in exact morphology. If so, it might provide insight - if not, it might be suggestive that the template/anchor model is wrong.

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February 04, 2015 / by George Council / In news

From Data to Dynamical Systems

This article is part of a series commemorating the 50th anniversary of Ed Lorenz's seminal paper 'Deterministic nonperiodic flow'. The system he studied has become the object of extensive mathematical investigations and serves as a paradigm of a low-dimensional chaotic dynamical system.

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